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"Which is annoying."


If you believe abortion should be illegal because “all life is sacred” but have no problem sending immigrant children who are fleeing horrible poverty and violence back to their native countries, Congratulations you are a shining example of hypocrisy. Give yourself a pat on the back, you are what is wrong with society.


Fun fact: Corpses (aka dead people) 
have more rights to their bodies than many women do. Because you’re not allowed to take life saving organs from a corpse unless they said you could, but many women are forced or shamed into having potentially life threatening or unwanted births because of anti abortion legislation. 


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If you really want to lower the number of abortions then give women access to birth control, make rape nearly impossible so they aren’t left with unwanted children and horrible trauma, make penalties huge for rapists, make health care cheape, give women time off during pregnancy and after…